David Gee

David was educated in politics and economics at York University (1965-68) and has worked for over 40 years at the science/policy interface of occupational, public, and environmental risk assessment & reduction, with UK Trade Unions; with the UK Environmental Group, Friends of the Earth, where he was Director; and, from December 1995 to May 2013, with the European Environment Agency, an EU environmental information providing body in Copenhagen, where he was Senior Adviser, Science, Policy, Emerging Issues.

He has published reports and peer reviewed articles and lectured on Scientific Uncertainty; the Precautionary Principle; Environmental Health; Environmental Taxes and Ecological Tax Reform; Clean production; Eco-efficiency; Endocrine disrupting chemicals; Electro-magnetic fields; Evaluating evidence; and anticipatory research.

He is initiator, co-editor and contributor to the widely cited and used EEA reports, “Late Lessons from Early Warnings: the Precautionary Principle 1898-2000” (2001), and “Late Lessons from Early Warnings: Science, Precaution, Innovation” (EEA, 2013).

He is now an Associate Fellow at the new Institute of Environment, Health, and Societies, at Brunel University, London.

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